Accessoires pour chargeur sur roue

Vous êtes déneigeur ou entrepreneur en excavation? Vous rencontrez des difficultés pour exécuter efficacement vos travaux du fait d'équipements inadaptés ou de qualité médiocre? En tant que leader canadien dans la conception et la fabrication d'accessoires pour chargeur sur roue, Cotech vous offre des produits hautement performants pour tous vos projets d'excavation.

Manufactured with care, our products optimize the performance of your excavators and guarantee the success of your excavation projects. Discover our excavator accessories, which are designed to meet your requirements in terms of strength and efficiency! You can also explore our wide selection of products at Cotech, ranging from agricultural products to snow plows.

Cotech: your excavator attachments

Our company specializes in heavy machinery with the sale of excavation, farm, and snow removal equipment. Our experienced consultants are capable of finding the ideal excavation equipment for your carrier machine, whether it’s an excavator, wheel loader, or compact track / skid steer loader. Our equipment is therefore perfectly suited to the reality of the following types of excavation work:

  • Residential
  • Construction sites
  • Landscaping
  • Civil engineering

Discover 5 essential excavator accessories

Specializing in the design of snow removal equipment, farm machinery, and excavation accessories, Cotech is your trusted partner in supplying the excavator attachments you need.

1. Manual coupler and hydraulic coupler

Manual coupler

The strength of our manual couplers lies in their universality. Designed to couple any Cotech accessories from the same category, they adapt to all excavator brands.

  1. Compact design: maximizes the pullout force
  2. Optimized angle: increases manoeuvring room in tight spaces
  3. Material: Hardox 450 for enhanced durability and wear resistance
  4. Maintenance: tempered wear ring, greaseable at the pivot point, for ease of maintenance and replacement
  5. Convertibility: Addition of the conversion kit to transform the accessory into a hydraulic coupler. This kit contains all the necessary hardware.

Hydraulic coupler

  1. User-friendly control box: safely authorizes activation of locking or unlocking right from the cabin
  2. Dual-action cylinder with locking safety: ensures the opening or closing of the locking block. This feature ensures that the coupler locks in the event of a loss of hydraulic pressure.
  3. Sturdy design of our couplers: adapts to intensive use for the most rigorous excavation work

Cotech offers the ideal excavator attachment to meet your needs, whether it’s breaking up rocks, moving boulders, or manoeuvring in tight spaces.

2. Hydraulic excavator thumb

The main advantage of the Cotech hydraulic thumb, an essential excavator attachment, lies in its exceptional strength and enhanced longevity. Here are a few strengths of this excavator accessory:

  • Rotation on the axis of the bucket: allows for simultaneous rotation with the bucket, guaranteeing better load retention. In other words, the load control is optimal, even during tricky manoeuvres.
  • Ball joint hydraulic cylinder: absorbs the twisting effects of the thumb structure. You therefore benefit from greater stability, reinforcing safety during your excavation operations.
  • Hydraulic-closure shock absorber cylinder: extends the lifespan of the axles and offers additional protection to the hydraulic cylinder

3. Bucket

Our range of excavator attachments also includes trenching buckets and ditch buckets, among others, which are specially designed to help you in all your excavation work.

Our trenching and ditch buckets are distinguished by:

  1. Reversible attachment: possibility of excavating in both directions, thereby offering exceptional flexibility and versatility on your construction sites. Thanks to their optimized curvature and angle of attack, these buckets allow for easier penetration into the material, making your work more efficient.
  2. Manufactured with Hardox and Strenx steel: These materials offer abrasion resistance and an extended lifespan.
  3. Standard replaceable wear teeth: not only facilitates their supply, but also their replacement, thereby ensuring simplified maintenance and optimal operation of your excavators

In short, Cotech trenching and ditch buckets are the promise of quality work, whatever the constraints of your construction sites. Combined with our other available accessories, they will make your excavators real allies in carrying out your projects.

4. Ripper tooth

Thanks to its sturdy design and its ability to easily penetrate frozen or rocky ground, this excavator attachment is a great ally for your most demanding work. You can plow and cut dirt and rock, thus making it easier to remove material with a bucket.

It is an excellent piece of equipment for all excavation professionals looking for superior performance and unparalleled longevity for their work tools:

  • Made with Hardox 450: guarantee of increased resistance and durability
  • Standard replaceable wear teeth: ease of supply and replacement
  • Accessibility of spare parts and simplified installation: ease of maintenance and optimal operation of your excavators
  • Curved ripper tooth profile: accelerates penetration into the ground and provides increased leverage for greater breakout force

By choosing the Cotech ripper tooth, you’re choosing impressive strength for your excavation work involving rocks and other difficult soil types. Use it with our lightweight excavator for unparalleled performance.

5. Land-clearing rake

This piece of high-performance equipment, made with Hardox 450, is designed to withstand the harshest conditions and to last. It has many major advantages:

  1. A particular curvature of its teeth: clears and moves material efficiently
  2. Quick attachment: possibility of interchanging equipment quickly
  3. Standard replaceable wear teeth: ensures ease of supply and replacement, making the maintenance of your metal excavator easier
  4. Available in several dimensions: adaptable to all excavator formats, whether it’s a primary excavator or another configuration

Why choose Cotech to equip your excavator?

Cotech is a renowned manufacturer that offers exceptional-quality snow removal equipment, farm machinery, and excavation accessories. If you’re looking for reliability, performance, and durability, our equipment is exactly what you need.

Cotech has also quickly understood that in order to provide impeccable excavation work, it was essential to have the right tools. Thanks to our professional excavator attachments, you can offer your customers an excavation service of unparalleled quality.

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